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is an elite coaching program & community for entrepreneurs, artists, and those born to lead. The landscape's changed. The 'just do it' mantra? It's not enough anymore. You need a concrete plan. You need strategies that don't just sound good but produce results.

Imagine having the world's largest brands' best-kept secrets at your fingertips... the kind of strategies that most people pay top dollar for, but you're getting it all in one place. This coaching program is not just about marketing; it's about transforming you into the best version of yourself. Yeah, it sounds big, because it IS.

But here's the kicker: It's not just about knowledge. You and I both know that alone won't cut it. It's about community. It's about accountability. It's about being surrounded by people who won't let you settle for mediocrity. If you're hungry for your true potential, if you're done with the trial-and-error game... this is your next move. Dive in and let’s make greatness happen.



  • The World's Leading Non-Verbal Communication Expert
  • Former Green Beret & Special Forces Members

  • Biohacking Sleep Expert Who Runs The #1 Podcast In Her Industry

  •  The Top LinkedIn Marketing Trainer 
  • Best-Selling Authors In Both Non-Fiction & Fiction
  • One Of The Brilliant Minds Behind ChatGPT
  • Elite Agency Owners & In-Demand Coaches

Membership Includes All The Tools You Need To Build And Scale A Successful Business:

  • 2x MONTHLY LIVE CALLS - All sessions are recorded and you'll have access to the full library. Because of the limited number of people, this means you get far more time and we actually get to have a conversation directly inside Zoom, together. This is where I teach my most in-depth strategies and frameworks on business, branding, marketing, mindset, scaling, sales, leadership, habits, creativity, and communication. The format and content of these training sessions are the most talked about and praised work I’ve done in my career. 
  • 1x MONTHLY MARKETING HUDDLE - Once a month, I'm live on Zoom to answer your specific marketing questions, review ads, copy, etc. 
  • COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED LEADERS - Members are like a family. Everyone shares and cares. We firmly believe a rising tide lifts all boats.
  • ACHVR SUMMIT LIVE EVENT INVITATION - Multiple times a year, we gather together in person for members-only events. These multi-day events focus on working together, deep-dive training, group experiences, and more. Events feature sophisticated accommodations. Most take place in Nashville, TN but some are in cool locations throughout the US. *Events are an additional fee plus hotel & travel. 
  • SPOTLIGHT SESSIONS ON YOUR BUSINESS - You get the chance to have your business evaluated by all of us! We focus on what's working, and what's not, and the collective group provides you with insights, suggestions, and resources to help you.
  • RESOURCES: SOPs, SCRIPTS, TEMPLATES, ETC. - You get everything I use in my businesses. This is going to give you all the training materials, for every single element of your business (and life) based on what I know creates success, including templates, scripts, and resources I use in my business. You’ll have access to things like book marketing plans, book proposals, podcast and speaking outreach messages, social media sales scripts, hiring guides, and more. 
  • WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY - Every Monday and Friday we share our goals, outcomes, and intentions. We also share whether or not we hit them. Weekly accountability creates massive momentum in your business. 
  • MEMBER CALL-IN DAYS - Once a month, you can hop on Zoom and ask any question or get specific help with anything you need. This is your chance to have in-depth coaching on a specific problem or opportunity in your business.
  • EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS WITH WORLD-RENOWNED MOMENTUM MAKERS - From time to time, I bring you access to some of the world’s elite peak performers. You’ll hear from people such as CEOs of the world's largest brands (Starbucks for example), Disney Imagineers, entrepreneurs who built 8 figure businesses, and more! In many cases, you’ll not only learn from these people but get to ask them questions directly!
  • INSIGHT INTO THE JMM MINDSET - You’ll get an inside look at what I’m reading and learning. You’ll hear about my journey of growing as an entrepreneur and leader in business and at home. You’ll get insights from my personal journey entries and meditation experiences. I pull back the current on how I think, how I show up in life, and more. This will give you insight into me as an entrepreneur, husband, father, teacher, author, friend, and person. 
  • PARTNER NETWORK - You’re going to get access to my Partner Network, referrals for anything you need in business, and discounts, where I can provide them. Generally, this is going to help you get the ads person, or the lawyer, or the accountant that you need and that I use with my clients. You’ll also be able to promote what you do so that others can hire you when they need your assistance and expertise.  






Investment is $499/monthly

No contract. No Gimmicks. No Tricks.  - You may cancel at any time via email, message, text, or homing pigeon.

Ask any member and they'll tell you I need to increase the price. In fact, they yelled at me about it at one of our events. 

So, take advantage now before I start listening to them.

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  • Built and sold multiple businesses
  • Built multiple-figure businesses
  • Best-selling author. 14 months atop Amazon's top-rated books
  • One of Success Magazine's Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2022
  • International keynote speaker at conferences, universities, churches, associations, and more
  • Coach and consultant for more than 15 years 
  • Top salesperson in the southeast US for 3 years (in real estate)
  • Top salesperson in the US for 2 years during high school (magazine sales)
  • Consulted for some of the world's leading brands such as Google, Starbucks, Disney, Twitter, BMW, McDonald’s, History Channel, Dreamworks, Nissan, and Re/Max
  • Married for over 20 years with 2 amazing kids.