John Michael Morgan's career began in real estate over 20 years ago. Quickly it was obvious both his passion and skill were in marketing and training other agents how to shatter their glass ceilings. Thus began his coaching career in 2007. Over the past 15+ years, JMM has coached entrepreneurs, leaders, pastors, artists, and some of the world's leading brands including Starbucks, Google, Disney, Nissan, BMW, McDonald's, Twitter, and more. He has also delivered over 100 keynote speeches and wrote a best-selling book, Brand Against The Machine. 

Today John Michael's passions lie equally in mindset and marketing. He believes they are of equal importance as the only way to improve your income is through self-improvement. He is on a mission to leave a legacy of helping world changers perform at high levels in all areas of their lives by getting out of their own way so they can achieve their goals.

JMM is a native of Nashville, Tennessee where he still resides today with his high school sweetheart wife of over 20 years and their two children. 

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