Who Does Your Client Want To Become?

Nov 17, 2023

Who does your client want to become?

People don’t buy products. They buy a better version of themselves. Everyone wants to be someone. Since the beginning of time, humans search for an identity.

It's not about the products we buy. It’s about the quest for that identity. We're all on a journey to find ourselves, whether it's through our jobs, hobbies, tastes, or who we hang out with. Smart brands get this. They aren't selling a widget; they're selling a piece of the identity puzzle.

Your brand is an opportunity for customers to showcase their identity.

Take Apple’s “Get A Mac” campaign. It wasn’t about computers. It was a battle of identities. The choice was clear: be the cool, smart, cutting-edge Mac user or... well, don’t. And it worked because everyone wants to feel a bit special, a bit cooler than the average. It’s not about owning a computer; it’s about being part of the cool club.

This identity play isn't limited to slick ads. It's about the experience. Drive by a Harley Davidson store on a weekend, and you'll see what I mean. It's not a store; it's a clubhouse, a community. These bikers are not customers; they're family, sharing stories, food, and laughs.

That’s identity branding in its purest form.

Doing business with you should support the identity they have of themselves. More importantly, it should support the identity they're striving for.

Your brand likely offers a slice of identity already. The trick is to dial it in. Aim it at what people are searching for.

People crave all sorts of identities – smart, cool, edgy, charitable, you name it. Figure out which identity resonates with your crowd. Then make your brand a beacon for that identity.

But here’s the kicker: be noble about it. Don't be that brand that lures in the young rebels with something that's no good for them.

At the end of the day, it’s all about authenticity. If you're faking it, your audience will sniff it out fast. Be real, be genuine. That’s not only good branding; that's good business. Skills can be taught. Character you either have or you don't have. That’s the secret of successful branding.